Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 - Expanding the topics to be covered

When I started this blog I wanted to write primarily about my experiments in setting up a domain server using Ubuntu - but work obligations took my attention away from that project.

Now it's 2016 and it looks like the Zentyal CE project is a better solution than mine for most use cases - maybe I could do a few things better ... but the people on that project have a lot more time to consistently work on it.

A while back I expanded to include anything related to small  heterogeneous  networks... But I didn't have much time to devote to that either as my work schedule is pretty erratic.

At my wife's urging I have now decided to expand the topics covered to include my invention ideas. Some of them are ideas for new products - some changes to existing products - and some are process ideas or comparisons of different ways different companies do things. She probably is tired of me coming home saying ... truck designs are bad, they should be like this... and ... small business server designs are ill-fit, they should be like that, and small retail site networks are unnecessarily complex, they should be like that.... etc but then never telling anyone else about it.

I often come home telling my wife about how x-company does their network (inefficiently) or the like and it should be like this - her response is usually that I should blog about it (without naming names) in the hopes that someone who is in a position to change things reads it.

Some of the posts may not be new ideas - just explanation of existing ideas that are not implemented often enough because people are just too rushed to do them - for example a planned post about mounting wall-mountable electronics to your desk to cut clutter. Others are not often done presumably because of corporate inertia or contractual obligations.

Anyhow, hopefully people find my ideas interesting. Also I intend to learn a few skills to experiment with my ideas - drafting with sketchup, exporting for CNC/3D-Printing/Lasercutting etc,   and sewing would be super handy to create diagrams and/or proof-of concepts pieces.

Currently I have a list of 27 ideas to blog about, I'm sure I will come up with more over the year.
Also I'll likely have occasional posts about how to do things computer/network wise...

So, here's a few from my current list:

  • A new class of work truck
  • Simple kit for humanitarian relief for hard to get to areas
  • New (slightly different) form factor for small retail/branch office server
  • A line of work clothes - because most workwear companies assume you're in construction OR a mechanic OR a lawyer, with little in between
  • Changing network scope on SOHO RouterOS routers (Routerboard) - there is a trick to it.

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